National Parks

Travel to beautiful places of Kazakhstan! Four days only nature and fantastic view!

Alone with nature.

The tour starts from Almaty city in the morning, we leave the city of Almaty and go to the nat. Park "Altyn Emel" wich is a national national nature park in the valley of the river "Ili" in the territory of Almaty region. The Altyn Emel we visit on the first day "Singing Dune" - the mountain which has a length of 3 km and a height of 150 m Singing Dunes. Dunes are phenomena of nature, famous for the fact that the weather is dry sand dune emits a sound like a melody body. After spending the night in Altyn Emely we visit Mount Aktau and Kattutau. (in ancient times in these mountains there were volcanoes)

After a visit to Altyn Emelya, our route lies to the hot springs where you can swim and where there is a guest house where we spend the night. After a hearty breakfast we head Charyn canyon (Charyn canyon (Charyn Canyon - a natural monument, built of sedimentary rocks, whose age is about 12 million years Height steep canyon hills up to 150-300 m). After luch and excursions to Charyn Canyon we will visit beautiful lake Kaindy. Kaindy is a popular place of tourism in one of the gorges Kungei Alatau Despite the low water temperature, Kaindy lake is popular with diving enthusiasts. The main attraction of the lake is spruce, rising directly from the water. We will have lunch and overnight in a village of Satta, and the next day we are waiting for the beautiful Kolsai Lakes.(A system of three lakes in the northern Tien Shan, in the Kolsai gorge, in a bridge connecting the Kuneji Alatau and Zailiisky Alatau ridges.)

In the evening departure to Almaty.